Taiwanese Xiao Long Bao 台灣小籠包

Taiwanese Xiao Long Bao - 20pcs / pack

!!London Only!!

Our Taiwanese Xiao Long Bao are made without any additives ~ 100% natural ingredients.
Therefore, if the order you place has Xiao Long Baos, the whole order will be delivered by refrigerated van together. 

* Refrigerated van delivery charge : £15 / drop. Order over £80 for free delivery charge.
* Delivery date : Every Tuesday
* Want to order, please e-mail us:orders@oolios.com

  • Ready to serve in 7 minutes ~ Authentic Taiwanese flavour
  • Delicate skin ~ Tender meat ~ Succulent
  • Natural ingredients and no additives
  • As good as well-known brands ~ Treat your taste buds

    Cooking Instruction
    1. Placing frozen items on steamer.
    2. Steaming 6-8 min and they are ready to be served.
    ( The suggested steaming time is around 6-8 minutes ,but it depends on the type of steam equipment you have.)

    Cooking Video Reference