Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup - Scallion 蔥燒牛肉麵 680g

  • premium 100% beef from UK or Ireland
  • Beef soup stewed with whole beef pieces and freshly chopped vegetables
  • Slow-cooked and gently stewed with noodles
  • Ready to serve in 10 min
  • As good as homemade and authentic flavour
  • 國產頂級牛肉,真材實料
  • 牛大骨 + 新鮮蔬菜熬煮湯頭六小時
  • 慢火細燉的道地牛肉湯 + 增量香Q麵條
  • 隔水加熱10分立即享用
  • 就像現煮的一樣美味

Cooking Instruction:
Beef  soup:Sachet in boiling water 10-15 minutes. Adding garnish as desired and it is ready to be served.
Noodle:Tear off the cover, and heat up in boiling water for 1 min or microwave 

將湯料包不拆封置於水中加熱約 15 分鐘,再將麵條外包裝拆封放入滾水中,煮至麵條分開浮起,約 1 分鐘撈至碗中倒入湯料包即可食用。

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