Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken Fillet 蜜汁碳烤雞排 280g

About Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken Fillet

Do you miss Taiwanese night markets? Taiwan's nights are always bustling, like a city that never sleeps. Despite the sweltering heat, it adds to the charm of the night market. As the sun sets, stalls light up with colorful neon lights, injecting vitality into the city! Especially during supper time, you can ride to the night market anytime to enjoy snacks 🤤

Feast on the thick-cut chicken chop from Handian and the specially crafted honey sauce from Michelin-starred restaurant Shenxin Creative Cuisine in Taiwan. In less than 10 minutes, you can savor the golden crispy outer layer of the chicken chop and the charcoal-grilled aroma after coating with honey sauce.

The chicken chop remains rich and juicy inside. When you take a bite, a unique taste bursts in your mouth, blending perfectly the sweetness of honey with the tenderness of the chicken chop, as if you were in a Taiwanese night market!!


由漢典食品製作的厚切大雞排 以及台灣米其林餐廳 膳馨創意料理 特製的蜜汁醬料