Delivery Information

  • Shipping and Carriage:
    Our shipping charges are based on the weight of your order and to calculate a reasonable price.  
    You should receive your order Delivery Date between every Tuesday to Saturday.
    Please Email us for Saturday
    All of our goods are securely packed and shipped using national courier services.
  • Fees and Delivery Services:
    There is an extra charge of £2.99 for frozen items due to the cost ofpackaging. Express shipping (overnight) will be selected as your shipping method toensure best possible quality of your products. This will be charged during checkout.
  • Shipments to England, Wales, Scotland:
    Note : For Scottish Highlands / Islands / Northern Ireland / Part of EU delivery, If we are unable to provide a shipping quotation during checkout, please E-mail  )

    Weekday Delivery
    From £ 8.00+ ( ex VAT )
    From £ 9.60+ ( inc. VAT )
    Delivery every Tuesday to Friday with order over £ 50 there is an extra charge of £2.99 for frozen items due to the cost ofpackaging.

    Saturday Delivery
    From £ 16.00+ ( ex VAT )
    From £ 19.20+ ( inc. VAT )
    Please Email us for Saturday

※ Important notes when purchasing from     
1. We do not offer Sunday, Monday, Bank Holiday deliveries.
2. We use a third party courier for our deliveries which can be made any time between 08.00am ~ 06.00pm. Please ensure you are at home between these hours to accept the delivery. At present we are unable to offer a text notification service of the time of arrival.
Please take a note that all our frozen foods are made without preservatives. The frozen packaging is a double-layer ice-preserving package. The carrier DPD will deliver at room temperature. Please be sure there is someone available to receive the parcel. Please put the foods in the freezer immediately after receiving to maintain the quality of the foods.
Please take a note it is the receivers’ responsibility to ensure that someone is available on the delivery date. The manufacturer holds no responsibility should the food quality deteriorates due to this matter.
3. Please confirm that someone can picked the parcels up on the delivery date, and please must fill in your mobile phone number when you check out.

4. Due to prevent having issues with legal ownership and damaging the goods, OOLIOS can not place the goods you ordered in your backyard or other places belong to your own property.
5. Any amended of orders due to personal reason e.g: Delivery date / Order cancellation, There will be a one-off admin fee - £ 2.00 ( inc. VAT ) / each time. We appreciate your kindest understanding regarding this matter.

6. Damage in transit : In the unlikely event that you receive any goods that appear to have been damaged in transit please contact us immediately on receipt so that we can inform the carrier and rectify this with you. We do advise that all deliveries are visually checked in the presence of the carrier and any suspected damage signed for as such.

  • 貨品運送及運費:
    我們的送貨標準是:將您選擇的到貨日期 每週二~週六 進行送貨。
    如需週六配送請 E-mail 跟我們下單
  • 冷凍食品包材與運費:
    由於包材成本較高,為確保您的冷凍食品保持新鮮和冷凍,我們額外收取 £2.99
    請注意,我們的冰袋系統可在到達時將冷凍物品保持在 3°C 以下。
    其他地區 含 蘇格蘭高地蘇格蘭島嶼北愛爾蘭愛爾蘭共和國歐盟國各地區運費
    請洽客服 E-mail 詢問
  • 英格蘭威爾士蘇格蘭運費如下:
    ( 其他地區含 蘇格蘭高地蘇格蘭島嶼北愛爾蘭愛爾蘭共和國歐盟國各地區運費,請洽客服 E-mail 詢問 )

    週二~週五運費 Weekday Delivery
    From £ 8.00+ ( ex VAT )
    From £ 9.60+ ( inc. VAT )
    英國本島 週二~週五送貨 滿 £ 50 負擔部分包材運費 £2.99

    週六運費 Saturday Delivery
    From £ 16.00+ ( ex VAT )
    From £ 19.20+ ( inc. VAT )
    Please Email us for Saturday


1) 星期日、一及國定假日無法提供送貨服務。

2) 因當地路況與送貨路線安排的關係,送貨時間將會在送貨當天 8:00 AM  18:00 PM 之間,OOLIOS 無法提供準確的到貨時間,請您確認送貨當天有人能在送達地址簽收貨物。
請注意!由於我們的冷凍食品,食材新鮮,生產後採用急速冷凍,無添加防腐劑,並採用雙層保冰冷凍包裝運輸,DPD (貨運公司) 常溫配送,所以請務必確認送貨當天有人收件,收到後並請立即放入冷凍保存,以確保產品品質。如無人收件導致產品退冰、腐壞,OOLIOS 恕不負責。

3) 當貨物配送過程中:DPD (貨運公司) 將會在送貨當天早上訊息通知您貨物大約到達時間,因此請您下單時請務必留手機號碼

4) 為避免法律歸屬與貨物損壞,OOLIOS 無法將您訂的貨物放置在您的後院或是其他關於您自家財產的地方。

5) 若因個人因素:更改訂單 / 更改配送日期 / 退訂單,我們需加收人工處理費用 £ 2.00 ( inc. VAT ) / 每次,請您見諒。

6) 運送中貨品損壞:萬一您收到的貨物有任何運送過程中損壞的現象請在 24小時內 與我們聯繫以便我們通知貨運公司處理。