About Us

Maximun Taste with Minimum Efforts!

Let your taste bud travel to Taiwan with OOLIOS.

Established in 2019, OOLiOS is devoted to being one of the most prominent platforms of Asian frozen ready meals.

In 2020, Han Dian UK Ltd, a famous Taiwanese Manufacturer based in London, announced a proposal to merge and create a new retail business in order to provide an unique flavour, quality guarantee and excellent logistic service. 

  • Variety of choices in flavour: Han Dian UK Ltd has years of experience in an extensive range of Asian foods and has developed authentic recipes.

  • TIme-saving steps: Experience the convenience of cooking at home, but skip all the messy preparation. Our products taste like the food you have in restaurants, but you only have to follow a few simple steps to get them ready!

  • Perfect quality maintenance: all the nutrients have been preserved and it keeps its shelf life longer. All of the delicious tastes are frozen into a bag of blessings, waiting for you to unlock them!

We are very proud to bring the exotic Asian flavour to an increasing number of customers around the UK and hope to welcome you too as a valued partner soon!

我們是一群離鄉背井從臺灣來英國的吃貨組成的團隊,我們知道來海外生活是我們的選擇,但是還是有難過、傷心的時候,這時候家鄉的美食就是最好的療癒,吃一口刀削麵,喝口牛肉湯又有繼續生活的勇氣了! 秉持著這個信念,我們持續為您挑選最優質最道地的台灣味。


道地❤️ 一秒回台灣的美味
新鮮🌿 漢典UK嚴選新鮮當地食材
優質💧 冷凍鎖住新鮮原味
安心🚫 絕無添加防腐劑、重金屬及塑化劑。

highest rating of hygiene