Taiwan Cocktail Sausage (Mini Sausage) 爆汁一口小香腸 150g

    Taiwan Cocktail Sausage (Mini Sausage)

    Every bite will be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!!!!


    Taiwan Cocktail Sausage (Mini Sausage) Cooking Instruction

    *Fully defrost product before cooking.
    • Grill: pre-heated at medium heat for 10 mis (turning frequently)
    • Pan Frying: 5-10 mins (turning frequently).
    • Air fryer: 180 C for 7-8 mins (turning frequently)


    • 烤: 放入200°C(中火)烤箱,正反面各約10分鐘即可。
    • 煎: 熱鍋後,放入香腸小火慢煎5-10分鐘至金黃焦香即可。
    • 炸: 放入氣炸鍋設定180度C,正反面各約7-8分鐘即可。