Spicy Spice Sauce with Minced Pork Noodle 椒麻肉燥乾拌麵

  • Ready to eat in only 10 mins! 
  • The hometown Savory flavour everyone misses
  • Perfect served with noodles, rice, or vegetables

Cooking Instruction:
1. Sachet in boiling water:5-10 minutes.
2. Remove noodles from packaging and place into boiling water for 1-2 mins then drain noodles.
3. Adding garnish as desired and it is ready to be served.

  • 10分鐘即可享用的美味
  • 最令人想念的巷口家鄉味乾拌麵
  • 搭配白飯或是蔬菜也都很好吃!

1. 將料理包不拆封置於水中加熱約 5-10 分鐘,至完全熱透。
2. 將麵條包裝拆除後,放入滾水中煮約1-2分鐘,待麵條散開後撈起備用。
3. 將料理包倒入容器,搭配麵條,可依個人喜好搭配食用。