Taiwanpedia | 8 kinds of Street Food You Must Eat in the Taiwan Night Market

Taiwanpedia | 8 kinds of Street Food You Must Eat in the Taiwan Night Market

Yi-Chun KuoJune 22, 2022

Taiwan Night Market

People who have been to Taiwan will never forget the Taiwan Night Market.(夜市yèshì ) Not only do tourists enjoy it, but the Night Market is also special to the daily life of the locals as well. I still remember when I was in University, I used to go to the night market with my classmates for dinner after class.

Taiwan Night market food

Night Markets in Taiwan are known for their variety of  street food choices. Street food is usually small in portion, so we can enjoy a variety of different dishes. The street food in Taiwanese Night Markets are a combination of creativity, tradition and diversity. You can see kebab, sushi, the iconic bubble tea shop and fried food stall. Everyone can find their favorite food at the night market.

Today we are going to introduce authentic Taiwanese street foods other than famous stinky tofu and the classic xiaolongbao, the delicacies that only local people know. When you visit Taiwan next time, you could give them a try! 

Eight popular street foods in Taiwanese Night Market! 

Taiwan fried chicken cutlet

雞排 jīpái   Fried chicken cutlet

Crispy, Juicy, and 2 cm thick fried chicken cutlet! 


Taiwanese style steak

台式牛排 Taiwanese steak on iron plate

It usually comes with a sizzling hot plate, black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce over noodles, a fried egg, and unlimited soft drinks.

Taiwanese style steak is filling, satisfying, and also very economical. In addition to the delicious steak, the hot plate noodles on the side are very scrumptious as well! It can also be seen in Taiwanese breakfast shop.

Yes! a savory hot plate noodles for breakfast! What else could you ask for? 😋

Black Pepper Beef Udon 黑胡椒牛肉鐵板麵 


Fried sweet potato balls

地瓜球 Fried sweet potato ball

Fried sweet potato balls are made with sweet potato and tapioca starch. It's crispy outside, light, pillowy, and airy inside.

fried sweet potato balls

Sweet potato balls are also known as QQ balls, because we use QQ to describe chewy and soft texture in Taiwan.

braised minced pork rice

滷肉飯 lǔ ròu fàn   Braised Minced Pork rice

The braised minced pork is made from a whole three-layer pork belly sliced and marinated in soy sauce, shitake mushroom, Taiwanese rice wine, and fried shallot.

It’s full of gelatine that melts in the mouth and slightly sticks to the lips!

Taiwanese brasied pork rice

It’s soft, meaty and the sauce is rich in umami flavour.


滷味  lǔwèi  Taiwanese braised dish 

Luwei is a dish where you can fill your basket of food from a selection of meats, vegetables, and other local ingredients, such as tofu, noodles…etc. The food is then boiled in a savory, deep brown broth,and chopped. 

We can have it as a snack or a main meal.

 Taiwanese fried chicken

鹹酥雞  Taiwanese Chrispy Fried Chicken (Popcorn chicken) 

To be more precise, we can call it a fried food stall. Because the vendors not only sell fried chicken, but also other fried foods.I usually order fried chicken, sweet potato chips, and tofu. It’s a perfect late night snack. 

Some of the fried food stalls, they put fried basil or chopped garlic in it, it tastes amazing!

 Taiwan bubble tea

珍珠奶茶  Bubble tea.

One of the most iconic drinks from Taiwan,The bubble tea shop sells lots of different teas. With bubble tea in one hand and street food in the other, while strolling around the night markets, is the best way to experience Taiwanese local life!


大腸包小腸 dàcháng bāo xiǎocháng 

It may look like a hot dog. But it is actually a BBQ Taiwanese sausage in a glutinous rice sausage bun, topped with optional pickle, garlic, and soy sauce. It’s quite filling! 


We hope you have enjoyed the introduction of Taiwanese night market food from us. As the Covid restrictions have been lifted, we hope it won’t be long till we can freely travel to Taiwan again! Before that, we have some authentic Taiwanese food that can ease the craving! Whether you’ve been to Taiwan or not, we are sure you can enjoy the taste bud trip to Taiwan’s Night Market with us! 

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